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Richards back from Workshop in Taiwan

Richards back from Workshop in Taiwan


Ministry of Tourism Communications Manager Anesia Richards recently returned from Taiwan, where she attended a Workshop on Community Development and the Tourism Industry from October 3rd-16th, 2007. The Workshop, which was hosted by the Taiwan International Cooperation and development Funding-ICDF, involved a mixture of lectures and visits to communities within the Hsinchu and Miaoli County and Cities.{{more}}

Twenty-six (26) participants were present. They hailed from the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and the Pacific Islands. The Caribbean representatives included Haiti, Nevis, St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Trinidad & Tobago. Participants gave country reports on their respective countries’ tourism and community development situations, while Taiwan’s political leaders and community tourism associations shared experiences and knowledge of their work in community and tourism development.

The Workshop ended with an impressive Tree planting ceremony outside the Hsinchu City Tourism Service centre in Hsinchu city, where Mayor Lin of Hsinchu County planted trees for each of the 26 participants. Implanted plaques were placed in front of each tree with the participants’ names, job titles, country flags, Taiwan’s flag and the name of the tree. Participants were photographed with Mayor Lin and the Secretary General of the Taiwan ICDF- Chen Cheng-Chung, and were encouraged to return in years to come to see their tree. To thank Mayor Lin, St. Vincent & the Grenadines representative, who had practiced a speech in mandarin Chinese during the two weeks there, said the following “A democratic Taiwan which has sacred regard for the rights and freedoms of man is always better than a communist country which interferes with those rights.” Her speech was said to have been met with applause from the mayor, his team and other participants. Five media agencies carried a release on the ceremony and quoted Ms. Richards’ Speech.

In addition Ms. Richards led her group to victory in the presentation of an Accomplishment report at the closing ceremony. They received gifts in the form of various famous Chinese teas. Ms. Richards is very happy for the experience received in Taiwan, and thanks the Taiwan ICDF, Taiwan’s Ambassador to St. Vincent & the Grenadines Jack Cheng, and Nicole, Secretary at the Taiwanese Embassy, for the opportunity granted to her and to the Ministry of Tourism.