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Rejuvenated RJR is back

Rejuvenated RJR is back


After sitting out of the entertainment scene for Vincy Mas 2007, RJR has returned.

RJR is an acronym for Roger Adams, Jerry Howard, and Ricky Adams, three schoolmates who decided that it was their lot to band together and have a whole lot of clean fun.{{more}}

It began with a lot of small house parties involving mainly friends and schoolmates, and then moved to fetes such as Flex and Reflex in 1992, followed by excursions, including a memorable boatride to Bequia, with Blacksand providing music at The Reef in Lower Bay.

In 1997, RJR introduced their brand of body paint band for Jouvert, with the colour blue. Each year, the band returned to increased excitement and patronage as the RJR family continued for ten years to paint Kingstown in exciting colours.

Over the years, the structure and membership of RJR has evolved, but the group always maintained the philosophy of a whole lot of clean fun. Their trademark organizational professionalism was evident in the high levels of security at all functions, on time performance, and the first instituted “No bottle policy” for jouvert. The group also demonstrated a social conscience, with some of its proceeds over the years going to Marion House, The Salvation Army, The Solid Waste Division, and scholarships for two secondary school students.

In 2007, the organization opted out of presenting its signature Jouvert band, deciding instead to use the time to observe the festival from the sidelines, thereby gaining a different perspective on the celebrations.

A spokesman for the group said: “We are not just about producing jouvert bands, but we are also into event planning for both private and corporate functions. Jouvert is our signature event, but we have a proposed calendar for the next year that includes an end of year function.

More details on this exciting event will be made available shortly. We would like to thank all of our sponsors and supporters for staying with us over the years and look forward to continuing to provide our brand of entertainment to you all for years to come.”

RJR will soon be publishing its own website where the public can get information on upcoming events and other information on the St. Vincent and the Grenadines culture and entertainment scene through photos and other commercial links.

A rejuvenated RJR is back to continue to offer SVG “A Whole Lot Of Clean Fun”.