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IHC donates items to the MCMH

IHC donates items to the MCMH


The Milton Cato Memorial Hospital has received a quantity of items from the International Hospital for Children on Thursday October 29th.{{more}}

In accepting the items, Medical Director Dr. Peter Kagbala said the donation will make their work at the hospital much easier.

This is not the first time that the hospital has received equipment from the IHC, and Dr Kagbala highlighted the fact that the Stryker Dill and the Saw alone cost approximately EC$160,000.

“This drill came at a time when we have been using hands to cut when we have to do some bone surgery, so it is great advancement that will make our work easier,” Kagbala stated.

According to Kagbala, a monetary value has not been allocated to the other equipment that has been received from the IHC.

Some of the other supplies include operating gowns and gloves along with other equipment.