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Prime Minister’s security officer promoted to Inspector

Prime Minister’s security officer promoted to Inspector


Would you take a bullet for the your boss?

That’s the question most often put to bodyguards; and the answer of newly promoted Inspector Christopher Benjamin is yes, a resounding yes!{{more}}

“It is my job,” said Benjamin, who asserted that he would readily take a bullet for the Prime Minister if the call of duty demanded it!

Benjamin, formerly a sergeant and the Prime Minister’s chief security officer, is one of 13 police officers who were promoted effective May 2.

Benjamin, who at the time of his promotion was with Dr. Gonsalves in Cuba where the prime minister was recuperating following his Easter Monday accident, said that he felt honoured that he had been promoted, as he always is.

“I always look forward to promotion, it is a form of responsibility,’ said Benjamin, 40, a police officer of 20 years experience.

He told SEARCHLIGHT that he sees his role with the Prime Minister as a serious one.

Benjamin confessed that it was very difficult to see the Prime Minister hurt as he was in the accident.

“I was really concerned but I couldn’t let my emotions get the better of me,” he explained, adding that he immediately made sure that the Prime Minister was responsive and then sought to assist Sergeant Parris, who received the worst of the impact.

Inspector Benjamin, who was born and bred in the west coast town of Barrouallie, is also very involved in youth development there. He is the president of the Keartons United Sports Club, which promotes sports and culture among the youths. The club also assists students to purchase school books and uniforms among other things.

Inspector Benjamin said that as long as he is with Dr. Gonsalves he would be doing everything possible to keep him safe.

The other officers receiving promotion are: Station Sergeants Esworth Francis, David Trumpet, Edmond Bramble and Arner King who have been promoted to Inspectors of Police. Inspectors David Mc Dowall, Willisford Caesar and Cecil Straker have stepped up to Assistant Superintendents, while Michael Charles will now be an Acting Superintendent of Police, he was formerly an assistant Superintendent.

Assistant Superintendent Rouzendal Francis is now Superintendent Francis, while head of the Criminal Investigation Department Superintendent Eckron Lockhart is now Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police.

There is also a new Assistant Commissioner of Police in the person of Carlisle Ryan, who made the jump from Superintendent.