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St. Hill Mini Mart hit again

St. Hill Mini Mart hit again


What had up to that point been a normal, peaceful day unexpectedly turned violent for the staff of the St. Hill Mini Mart at Campden Park when they were robbed at gun point.

Owner of the mini mart, St. Hill DaSilva, told SEARCHLIGHT that last week Wednesday at about 3:30 p.m. a man came into the store, purchased some items then stood outside the mini-mart.{{more}}

Cashier, 62-year-old Cecelia DaSilva, St. Hill’s sister, told SEARCHLIGHT that even though she was not hurt, she still trembles when she reflects on what happened to her last week Wednesday.

“The guy came in wearing a big, dark shades, he bought

2 lb sugar and something to make juice. Then with the change, he called for a Pepsi and I think he called for a cake and I even ask him if he going way with the bottle and he say no,” Cecelia recounted.

According to the cashier, the man stood outside for a while then re-entered the mini mart and asked for five pieces of cigarette wrapping paper and two popsicles. “The young lady gave him the popsicle. He did not go outside he just double back and tell me freeze and point the gun at me,” terrified Cecelia told SEARCHLIGHT. “I even hold on to the gun and he pull out the drawer and take the money,” she continued.

After removing the money from the cash desk, the suspect reportedly ran down the road while two other persons in the street tried to capture him but were unsuccessful.

St. Hill DaSilva said that he has an idea who the suspect might be and he is not a resident of the area. DaSilva says he believes the robber is from Kingstown but lives in the mountain area.

“This is the fourth time with gun. One person went to jail already, I feel that the police presence should be seen in the area more often. We often see people with the frame of guns in their pockets entering this place and the police should be more vigilant in the area.

Da Silva, who has run his business for over 12 years says that the robber ran away with $800 which had been put aside to pay some bills.

At press time, no arrest had yet been made.