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Rental car operator escapes attack by masked gunman


Dexter Michael a 34-year-old businessman narrowly escaped death on Monday when a masked gunman opened fire on his vehicle.{{more}}

The incident occurred around 2:45 p.m. at Layou Hill. Michael was driving to Layou when the gunman came out of some bushes and began blasting at him. Michael had the presence of mind to reverse while the gunman was still firing. The gunman accidentally dropped a magazine and when he stopped to retrive it Micheal was able to exit the vehicle and run to Buccament.

The incident was reported at the Questelles police station and members of the Rapid Response unit (RRU) brought Michael back to the scene of the shooting.

The Suzuki Vitara RN429 that Michael drove was taken to the Layou police station.

A police source confirmed that one bullet pierced the front bumper and another the bonnet and three bullets went through the front windshield. The rear windshield through which the bullets exited was shattered. Michael repossessed his vehicle from the police on Wednesday around 3:45 p.m.

Recently shots were fired on a SUV that is owned by an associate of Michael while it was being driven through the Rillan Hill area.

Michael was unavailable for an interview, however a source close to him told SEARCHLIGHT that Michael would only speak to the police and that he has every confidence in the abilities of the police to do their job.

Michael is formerly of Chateaubelair but now resides in Layou.