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Look out for me!


If u think last year’s road march contribution was big, wait until you hear what joint winner James ‘Jamesy P’ Morgan has in store for 2007.

Speaking to Searchlight from his mother’s home in Long Piece, Lowmans Windward, the soca artiste who gained international acclaim with his hit song “Nookie” said that one of his many hits “Bashment Freaks”, is a top contender for the most popular song to be played on the road this year.{{more}} Considered one of the busiest Vincentian performers out there, Morgan visited his home country last week from his base in Tortola, and was here for the launching of Carnival 2007 when he sent out the alert.

Apart from “Bashment Freaks”, Jamesy P expects “Tek it like a man” to make a mark on Vincy Mas this year.

He claimed that although winning titles and accolades is definitely a blessing, his motivation for putting good music out is the love for the art form and entertainment. He considers the road march title which he won last year with Skarpyon for “Leave Me Alone” as just another jewel in the crown.

Jamesy P is slated to perform along with the ‘Stingerman’, Luta, Fire Man Hooper and many more, at next weekend’s Super Jamz spectacular.

This weekend in New York at Vincentian Hangout Café Omar, Jamesy P is expected to perform along with other artistes including Bomani, then later this month he’s in Boston, Atlanta and Tortola.

The ‘Nookieman’ is a bMobile’s registered artiste in Tortola, and is still linked with Universal records, EMI and Ministry Of Sounds.