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500 CCE students to choose secondary school


In an effort to keep the students who are writing the Common Entrance Examination motivated to work, the Ministry of Education will allow the students who place in the first 500 to choose the secondary school they wish to attend depending on their position.{{more}}

At a press conference last Wednesday, Senior Education Officer attached to the assessment unit, Marcus Caine, said that people have voiced concern that the implementation of universal secondary education will cause children to lose their motivation to work.

“Indeed being allowed to choose your secondary school based on your performance keeps that motivational edge,” Caine said.

The rest of students will be placed using a partial zoning system to be introduced this year by the ministry.

Deputy Chief Education Officer Luis deShong explained that the zoning will be done geographically, not so much distance from the student’s home but considering easiest transportation access.

On Friday, June 01 2007, 2683 pupils are registered to write the common entrance examination; 1354 males and 1329 females.

Elizabeth Walker of the assessment unit highlighted a number of initiatives that have been adopted by the Ministry to help reduce students’ anxiety and to provide speedy reporting of examination results.

The composition section of the English paper will be administered at the primary schools on Friday, May 25.

Walker said that this will be done under strict supervision. In another initiative, students will be allowed to write in their personal information on their answer sheets under the watchful eyes of their teachers so as to cut back on mistakes usually made on the day of the exams.

Walker further explained that in addition to providing diagnostic information for remedial purposes, the reading component of the English test will be scored and students will be awarded marks which will be part of their English score.