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Technological boost for Lowmans Windward Primary

Technological boost for Lowmans Windward Primary


Digicel has given the students and teachers of the Lowmans Windward Anglican Primary School a technological boost with the donation of a Dell Computer and one DVD player.

Principal Otto Sam expressed gratitude for the devices and assured Digicel that they would be used to enhance the knowledge of the students. Sam commended Digicel for their good work and he said that he was impressed that the company was so involved in communities throughout the nation.{{more}}

Community Development Field worker for South Central Windward Larie Johnson, who was instrumental in seeking assistance for the school, admitted that he knew Digicel would give a favourable response to those in need because he knew they were a company that cared.

He called on other companies to follow the example of the telecommunications company whom he noted not only improved the mobile service throughout the state, but was always finding ways to develop communities, human resource and enhance education.

Noting that the devices were more than just learning tools, Marketing Manager of Digicel SVG Ltd, said, “We want the children of this institution to use the computer and DVD player to the best of their ability because it is now their property. We expect them to treat and respect them as their own and in doing so it helps to shape them into responsible individuals.”