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Rabacca to get National Park


A 35-acre of plot of land is expected to be developed into a National Park at Rabacca in the not too distance future.

In an effort to move this effort forward, two consultants from the European European Union visited the site to do preliminary studies.{{more}}

Speaking at Rabacca, area representative the Hon. Montgomery Daniel told the media that the purpose of the visit by the experts is to get a first hand look at the project to see how and where their money will be spent.

Daniel told SEARCHLIGHT that work commenced on the site since 2002 but plans had changed since at that time the park was limited to only 13-acres of land.

According to Daniel, money has already been allocated by the European Union to start the project but the government is seeking more money, as the money that was being allocated to them will not be enough to complete the project.

Based on the discussions that have been conducted on the park, there is expected to be a statue of this country’s national hero Joseph Chatoyer, a museum, tourist shops, restaurant and bar, a recreational area and parking lot. There is also the recommendation to include some wild life in the area.

“We want to make it a park in St. Vincent where everybody can come and enjoy themselves,” Daniel stated.

A total of 20 tourist sites are expected to be developed in this country.