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Committee to free the Cuban five launched

Committee to free the Cuban five launched


A number of local lawmakers and other citizens here have officially come together in solidarity with Cuba, to advocate the release of five Cuban citizens imprisoned in the United States.{{more}}

The Vincentian Committee to free the Cuban Five which was officially launched on Monday at the Peace Memorial Hall, joins over 300 friendship associations in 40 countries that support the case of the five Cubans: Gerado Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonsalez and Rene Gonsalez who were sentenced to three life sentences and 75 years collectively, for committing espionage conspiracy against the USA.

The local committee is headed by former Attorney General Parnel Campbell QC, with committee members lawyer Camillo Gonsalves, Senators Ronald Marks and Rochelle Forde, journalist Jomo Thomas, Government Press Secretary Hans King, and ULP Youth Arm President Damien Bennett.

The committee will be working in solidarity with the other associations pushing for the release of the five men, who they believe are unjustly detained by the United States.

The committee plans a series of events to highlight the plight of the Cuban five, including letters to the United States calling for the men’s release, rallies and press conferences.