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Adams questions how Leacock got documents

Adams questions how Leacock got documents


While Senator St Claire Leacock is calling for his head, Supervisor of Elections, Rodney Adams is unperturbed stating that he is confident that his character can withstand all the attacks being leveled at him.

At a press conference last Tuesday, Senator Leacock accused officials at the electoral office of revisiting ballot boxes to match ballots to electoral ID’s to determine who people voted for – this at the request of government ministers.{{more}}

Leacock also displayed a number of documents from polling station NWB which he said could not be accounted for by the Electoral Office.

“Do you agree that if a ballot box was found that an immediate responsibility of the supervisor is to confirm or clarify that all of the contents of the box in question have been accounted for?” Senator Leacock asked


Among the displayed documents were a torn envelope Form E6, a sealed envelope, and a slit open Form E 17 that contained ballots for Montgomery Daniel, and 15 Form 12’s (declaration to be made by the companion of a blind, or incapacitated vote at an election).

Senator Leacock, said he visited the Government Printery compound after the ballot box was found on March 31, “where I made my own discoveries and conclusions.” He questioned whether the duty of care owed to voters had been breached.

But Adams says that the question is how Leacock came in possession of the documents and whether or not this latest chapter in the ballot box matter does not point squarely to mischievousness in the whole situation.

“The investigation into the matter is still ongoing,” Adams said.

Adams further noted that any fingers being pointed at him would be misdirected because his integrity is impeccable and laughed at the call being made for his resignation.