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Pentecostal church opens at ‘Baghdad’

Pentecostal church opens at ‘Baghdad’


With an insurance policy called faith, an engine called perseverance, a drive to make it and $1,500 to his name; Pastor Terran James is living testimony that anything can be achieved once Christ Jesus is in the midst.

“Full in the Spirit Pentecostal Church” officially opened its doors last Sunday at Ottley Hall also known to many as “Baghdad”.{{more}}

The community, which was labeled the Iraq of St Vincent and the Grenadines has been given the opportunity to worship and restore peace and tranquility to the community.

James said that he saved $1,500 but knew that it would take upwards of $8,000 to get the job underway. He said he was even afraid to ask the banks to help his cause. But as they say, once you are faced with trials and tribulation, you take it to the Lord in prayer and that’s exactly what he did, and he was blessed with $34,000 to start and complete the church.

Brother James told SEARCHLIGHT that he remembered going through the Kingstown Vegetable Market about one year ago when someone suggested that he establish a church in that area. He said he didn’t do anything at first, but God’s calling is what led him to do it. He highlighted that he also felt the need for a spiritual awakening in that community and something needed to be done.

James says he wants to see a nation whose people work hand and in hand and give their lives to serving Jesus Christ. He said the community was very receptive of him and some of the guys on the block pitched in from time to time to help with the moving of materials.

A supernatural power seemed to engulf the church as songs of praise rose to the heavens. With hands waving and beads of sweat rolling off the faces of many, it was as if the Lord was shining his divine light.

Delivering the sermon, Reverend Vincent Sobers called Pastor James bold and courageous for establishing a church in a community that is plagued with violence. He said that it is a norm that persons set up churches in areas with a good reputation. “God is establishing a lighthouse in Baghdad in this time of darkness. Ottley Hall will no longer be the same because of this transformation,” preached Sobers. Sobers continued stating that if it were not for churches, St Vincent and the Grenadines may have been history.

Other church denominations present at the opening showered praises on James for doing such a wonderful job. They told him not to be deterred by what negative things people might say but keep focusing on God.