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New national driver’s licences coming soon

New national driver’s licences coming soon


The long awaited new national driver’s licence system is expected to be on stream soon.

The project which was scheduled to begin since in January was put on hold by the Inland Revenue Department, which has been entrusted with the implementation of the Value Added Tax (VAT).{{more}} With VAT just two weeks away from implementation, the department will now have time to put their efforts into the new drivers’ licences.

According to Comptroller of Inland Revenue Kelvin Pompey, everything needed to provide the new licences, which will be about the size of an ATM card, is in place and would be ready to go soon.

Pompey says that drivers will be able to trade in the outdated booklet licences for the new ones in as short a time as one week when they are introduced. Drivers will be asked to bring in their old licence books, take a new photograph then they would be able to collect a new licence.

The licenses would be available with options of one year, three year or five year expiry dates, and Pompey is encouraging drivers to choose the longer expiry dates which he said would work out to be cheaper in the end.

He also took the opportunity to remind drivers with 4 as the last digit on their vehicle number plates to renew their vehicle registration by the end of this month.

Speaking on VAT, Pompey reinforced that his department is ready for the implementation of the new taxation system, and is encouraging Vincentians to stay informed on matters concerning VAT.

He said that while problems are expected during the initial stages, the administrative system is prepared to deal with them.