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Boyea: Platinum card holders still benefitted

Boyea: Platinum card holders still benefitted


Even though Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket did not offer any reward programme for their customers between January and March this year, holders of their Platinum Advantage Cards still benefited from the weekly specials that they offered.{{more}}

That’s the explanation offered by managing director of Aunt Jobe’s Luke Boyea, in response to charges by some customers that all points accumulated on their Platinum Advantage Cards between December 2006 andMarch 2007 had been discarded without compensation to their customers.

Boyea pointed out that the “Aunt Jobe Platinum Advantage Card” programme enabled customers to benefit from “weekly promotions and specials” that were being offered.

The businessman said that the card programme was launched in June 2006, approximately a year after the supermarket opened it’s doors and pointed out that many of their competitors who have “been in operation for more than 25 years never offered their customers any sort of reward programme throughout their existence.”

Boyea said each time the Platinum Card benefits were offered, they advertised these specials weekly in a newspaper along with the regular specials on that same page.

Boyea, in a letter to Searchlight also confirmed one customer’s charge that their new promotion “has raised the ceiling for the redemption of points. Previously, to gain a $150 voucher you had to spend $2,000 you now have to spend $3,500”.

The Managing Director however emphasised, “All of us at Aunt Jobe’s continuously strive to raise the bar in customer satisfaction and benefits, and we do appreciate that our customers’ expectations have been raised. We will continue to offer exciting rewards to our customers and offer the community the shopping experience they have always deserved.”