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Fire leaves Vermont woman homeless

Fire leaves Vermont woman homeless


From the ashes of mourning a 29-year-old domestic has to pick up the pieces and try again – having watched all that she worked for burnt to the ground on Thursday April 5th, at Dubois, Vermont.

With frustration etched on her face, Nordica Glasgow related to SEARCHLIGHT earlier this week the horror of that day when her hard work went up in smoke at about 4 p.m.{{more}}

“I had just finished washing some curtains that I changed for the Easter and went to plait my hair, when someone call out to me and said that my house was on fire,” said Nordica, who lived alone.

She said that she reached just in time to see a ball of fire bust through the front door and all she could do was “drop to the ground and bawl”.

Nordica, who is currently unemployed, said that during the time she was employed, she took her time and acquired all the appliances and furnishings for the home given to her by her mother.

She said that a person who was passing by at the time of the fire said that she saw sparks flying from a corner in the house – the same corner which had two light switches and the circuit breaker.

“People tried to help, every one came with their water buckets and so on, but it is a board house so you know it was hopeless,” she said, as tears burst through her saddened eyes.

Homeless and currently unemployed, Nordica is now taking refuge at her sister’s two bedroom home in Chauncey.

“About ten of us are living there now,” she said.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that she is looking for work and is hoping that she will get help to restart her life.