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Bolden leaves Trinidad Senate



Olympic track star Ato Boldon bowed out of the Trinidad Senate on Wednesday as a UNC senator.

Boldon, who was sworn into the Senate on February 14, 2006, will be saying goodbye to take up a job offer with an international media house as a broadcaster.{{more}}

“This is me chasing my dream, I really want to establish myself as a world-class broadcaster,” Boldon said in an interview yesterday.

Boldon said his decision was “head over heart” because it was very hard to leave the UNC at this time “when the tides are turning”.

“I would really like to stay, I am not 100 per cent happy but it is the smarter thing to do right now,” said Boldon.

“This is something I have agonised over for six months,” he continued, adding that his mother pushed him to take up the offer as she “has never been comfortable where I am now”.

Boldon said he was advised to strike while the iron was hot and take the opportunity that will enable him to fulfill his dream.

He, however, declined to name the company he will be working for, saying that his employers will soon reveal all.

Boldon said he has also received very serious offers from the countries in the Middle East to coach teams leading up to the Olympics which will give him the opportunity to return to the track.

He said he still hopes to maintain ties with the UNC although he does not want to give any commitments that he cannot live up to.

Boldon said he enjoyed his time in the Senate where he learned many lessons.

UNC deputy political leader Jack Warner, the man who was responsible for reeling Boldon into the Senate, said in a press release that the UNC “is delighted at Ato’s choice of a career option at which he has already proven his aptitude”.

He said that Boldon’s latest leap on the world stage represents a significant advance that will continue to brand this country in spectacular fashion as he pursues what is now a global responsibility.