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Woman in man’s world at Town Board

Woman in man’s world at Town Board


While most women employed with the Kingstown Town Board are office attendants, clerks or sweepers, Sandra Lampkin is a full-fledged mason.

Formally of Rose Hall, the Great House, Lowmans Leeward resident told SEARCHLIGHT that she has been doing masonry for the past seven years, five of which she spent working for the Kingstown Board at the Kingstown Cemetery.{{more}}

Lampkin credits her uncle Lincoln Stapleton for starting her off as an apprentice. “Growing up I never like to do anything soft, I was a farmer for 17 years”, she said.

Lampkin has worked on private houses and claims to be the best Headstone and Cornerstone Mason in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

When asked about the public’s response to a woman working in a traditionally male dominated field, Lampkin said, ” Most people cool wid it, but I would like to see more women in the field, you can’t always depend on men, you have to be independent in life and manage your own affairs”.

Lampkin was recently transferred from the Kingstown cemetery to do maintenance work around town. So if you are observant, you may just see the trowel wielding diva doing her thing.