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Students urged not to forget their Heritage

Students urged not to forget their Heritage


Students of the Lodge Village Government School are urged never to forget about their past, to embrace their heritage and to shape their destiny.

This message came from the Head of the Arts and Humanities Department at the Barrouallie Secondary School, Philbert John, last week Wednesday as the Lodge Village School launched their Heritage Week.{{more}}

John, in his feature address told the students that no matter how long ago it was, they must continue to remember their past which included remembering their African ancestors who were brought to the Caribbean as slaves.

Highlighting the different types of heritage, he told the students that they must embrace their heritage especially the music and the food.

According to John, music such as the great Bob Marley should be cherished especially one of the most popular hits “Redemption song” which he recommended should be taught to students.

Parliamentary representative of the area, the Hon. Conrad Sayers also addressed the students and told them that since the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade, they have indeed come a long way and as the leaders of tomorrow, they have to train themselves.

Also addressing the students was the Chief Education Officer, Susan Dougan who mentioned the different things around the country that a person can remember their ancestors by, such as the food, heritage, and other sites.

The students also celebrated heritage month by dancing, poetry and songs in order to pay tribute to their ancestors.

To mark the school’s celebration, the school celebrated Garifuna Day last week Tuesday followed by an exhibition and launching on Wednesday. Last Friday they paid tribute to their ancestors by playing popular games of the past and story telling of yesteryear.