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Parents group receives financial donation

Parents group receives financial donation


A newly formed association of parent advocates has received a financial donation from a family reunion committee to assist with their work programme.

The donation of $EC 1,000 was made last month to the Association of Parent Advocates for People with Disabilities by Dr. Stanley John, on behalf of the Cruickshank-Williams Family Reunion Committee.{{more}}

The family of which Minister of National Mobilisation, Mike Browne, is part, decided at its re-union last July to work with and support people with disabilities in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Dr. John, a medical practitioner who resides in New York made the donation on behalf of his family while on a recent visit home.

The Association of Parent Advocates for people with Disabilities was formally launched in February this year. Comprising parents, care givers and others with an interest in this area the group has embarked on a multi-pronged two year work programme that has a strong focus on public awareness and empowerment focus. Public awareness sessions are currently being done through monthly visits to churches. The Parents’ group can be contacted through the Helping Hands Centre at New Montrose, where it currently meets.