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Cubans review disaster risk management


A delegation from the Civil Defense Ministry in Cuba visited this country to evaluate the national system for disaster management and make recommendations for improvement.

The delegation arrived on the Island on March 11. During the week the delegation met with organizations and agencies involved in disaster management, had an interchange with Government Ministers and visited a number of risky areas.{{more}}

The two-man delegation presented their preliminary findings at a special briefing session held at NEMO’s Headquarters, Old Montrose on March 17.

According to the assessment, this Country has been doing a good job at the national level, however, there is a need to review the Disaster Management System. There is also a need for a gradual move to disaster reduction, prevention and preparedness. A strengthening of participation from all agencies is also recommended.

The creation of rules to protect the economic industries had also been suggested and the improvement of the meteorological system where local forecast models can be developed.

This assessment would be further reviewed in Cuba and an official recommendation will be submitted.

Cuban Ambassador, Her Excellency Olga Trias in her remarks said her Country went through a number of experiences with natural disasters, mainly hurricanes. She said owing to that, disaster management risk and prevention is a priority for her country.

She said she was concerned with the protection of the economic infrastructure of this country and pledged her country’s assistance.

Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Godfred Pompey said Government was committed to disaster management and deepening cooperation with Cuba.

He said it was recognized that one could not wait for disaster to strike to begin preparations. He then extended his gratitude to the Government and People of Cuba for their support.