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Bishop’s College students holds cultural showcase

Bishop’s College students holds cultural showcase


To cap off celebrations for the month of March, Heritage month, the Form Two History students of the Bishop’s College Kingstown held a cultural showcase at the school last Friday.

On display was an array of local dishes including seasoned breadfruit, breadfruit and codfish and many other mouthwatering delicacies. Besides the scrumptious treats, there was also a treat for everyone’s eyes when students modeled some of the latest African wear.{{more}}

Coal pots, carving knives, straw baskets were also exhibited, giving insight into the implements used by our forefathers in their day-to-day life.

History Teacher, Carlene Hunte-Daniel said that it had been a month of activities for the students and the exhibition was an opportunity for them to showcase their Heritage. “History is to bring awareness of our own heritage, because many times students are only bombarded with European history instead of their own.” Daniel said.

To continue the day’s activities, the students performed skits, which highlighted aspects of their African heritage. Also addressing the students was local CARICOM Youth Ambassador, Kyle DeFreitas. DeFreitas said that as Vincentians, we must embrace our uniqueness and way of life. The dynamic DeFreitas said that it is a major responsibility as youths to grasp every opportunity that may come their way. He touched on the CSME and its implication for the Region but more so St Vincent and the Grenadines. DeFreitas stated that as young persons, they need to stop looking at every situation through the lens of partisan politics. “We need to separate ourselves from a political stand point and focus more on social matters,” said DeFrietas.