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Radio announcer axed from WE FM

Radio announcer axed from WE FM


The increase in the number of high profile domestic violence cases may have had some impact on the dismissal of a top radio announcer from his post late last week.

DJ Monty, host of popular weekend show ‘Reggae Blast’, was relieved of his duties at WE FM 99.9, after it came to light that he had been arrested and charged at the Marriaqua Police Station with the assault of his girlfriend on Monday, March 19.{{more}}

DJ Monty, whose real name is Sherwin Ambris, had previously worked at HITZ FM and had become a staple on WE FM. His programme aired on Saturday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m.

A source close to WE FM told Searchlight that Ambris’ most

recent trouble with the law and other previous incidents had left the station no choice but to relieve him of his duties.

Previous incidents may refer to a brush with the law last December. Ambris had been spared six months imprisonment when he was

arrested for drug possession. At the time, he blamed stress relating to the beheading of Stacy Wilson for his marijuana use.

A series of domestic violence cases, some fatal, has been in the headlines over the recent months.

Last week, Lenroy Charles of San Souci died after allegedly killing his common law wife Gertrude Thomas. A few days before that, Winston Williams succumbed to a stab wound allegedly inflicted by his common-law wife Flavia Richardson.

Last month, Erica Hadaway died after a confrontation with her ex-boyfriend in Union Island, and in January, Eloise Rogers of Calder survived a cutlass attack by her common-law husband Basil Bascombe who later committed suicide.