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PM: ‘Just saying sorry is not enough’

PM: ‘Just saying sorry is not enough’


Not just seeking an apology but stressing the importance of acquiring justice in the form of compensation, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves believes that just saying sorry would not be enough from the imperialists.

Making his contribution in parliament to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery, Dr Gonsalves said that while an apology was an outward sign of inward grace, the other principle that needed to be adhered to was the conviction of giving appropriate compensation.{{more}}

The Prime Minister pointed out that many of the magnificent structures in France and Britain and other mother countries were built from the sweat and blood of slaves and said that there was need to give back some of that wealth to the descendents of slaves.

In his debate, the leader said that it was not enough to receive aid, which was often “elusive” and difficult to secure. He said that while the Europeans were friends, as true friends they needed to face up to reality and give something tangible.

“Some people ask why we are looking back, but it is important to look back, but we are not staying back. We are not holding a grudge on our shoulders, they can’t say that! We just want what is justifiably ours.” He remarked.