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Green Party slams ULP regime


Leader and co-founder of the SVG Green Party, Ivan O’Neal has slammed the ruling Unity Labour Party, for its high spending on allowances in the 2007 budget estimates, and once again called on the Governor-General to prorogue Parliament and set a date for fresh elections.

O’Neal in a press conference on Tuesday, highlighted that the government’s estimates for allowances stood at EC$1.985 million, while pre-school spending was budgeted at $300,000.{{more}}

According to the estimates, travel allowances have been estimated at $415,000, entertainment at $550,000, Prime Minister’s entertainment allowance, $15,600, sundry expenses allowances $923,000 and other allowances $82,000.

He questioned the $923,000 allocated for Sundry Expenses allowances, and claimed that Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves is “using SVG peoples’ hard earned money for his office to have a millionaire lifestyle.”

O’Neal said that the action by the ULP regime shows gross disrespect for the children of this Country, who are not being given due consideration. He said that education in St.Vincent and the Grenadines should be free of charge from pre school to University.

O’Neal also added that while he has no problem with the building of a bridge across the Rabacca River, the money spent at the gala celebration party could have been put to better use.

The Green Party also said in another release that given the unpredictable nature of the river, the outlet span of the bridge should have been wider and higher.