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Glen Jackson’s funeral costs State close to $75,000

Glen Jackson’s funeral costs State close to $75,000


Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves laid down the Supplementary Estimates in the House of Assembly on Thursday 15. In Supplementary Estimate number 11, an amount of $100,000 was requested to supplement the provision in the estimates to settle outstanding monies owed to Eveready Funeral Home for the Glen Jackson’s funeral and other commitments.

When questioned by SEARCHLIGHT, Prime Minister Gonsalves provided a breakdown of the expenses which the State incurred for the funeral of his late Press Secretary and Personal Aide who was murdered on March 5, 2006.{{more}}

The funeral was held on March 15 that year.

“One Special Imported Mahogany casket, Adjustable mattress, velvet interior, gold plated hardware, high gloss finish, made of four Inch African Mahogany,” was the first statement noted in the bill issued to the Ministry of Finance by Eveready Funeral Home.

The casket cost $38,000.

The overall amount that was owed to the funeral home was $51,970.

The other expenses included a ceremony at the Prime Minister’s residence following the funeral: $6,016.38; a $2,360 rental fee for the Methodist Church Hall and $9,875 for sound system and engineering.

Prime Minister Gonsalves told SEARCHLIGHT that the State gave to Glen a funeral befitting the honour that he deserved.

St Vincent and the Grenadines was thrown into a state of shock when Glen Jackson’s nude body was discovered on March 6 by his son with a bullet wound to his chest.

Scotland Yard detectives were brought in to assist the local police in the investigation into his murder – this cost the State $260,000. On May 2, Francis “Prickle” Williams of Sion Hill appeared before the Serious Offences Court charged with Jackson’s murder.

The preliminary inquiry has been held and Williams has been committed to stand trial for the murder.