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Diamond Village to hold rally


On Thursday, April 5, a rally will take place in Diamond Village to focus on

slavery, the slave trade and the heritage of African Caribbean contributions in the modern world. Under the theme “More than Conquerors”, the organizations in the village, along with others, will pull together the past and the present and the future of the African Caribbean dream and visions.{{more}}

The book “We Want to Become Wise” will be presented to residents, the Community Agro Heritage Project leaders will give a report on how things are going with the project, the younger villagers will showcase their talents and there will be some space/time for village interaction. “More than Conquerors” is a slavery theme, which tells the story of a people who do not sit and mourn, nor stand in the back of the line. Already the village has been the site of a one-week evangelical crusade in January of this year; this rally will go further to confront and expose critical challenges.

Diamond villagers and others will have a feast of ideas, accomplishments and tasks to reflect on Bananas, Reparations, Community reconstruction and personal and gender liberation will all be on the agenda. “More than Conquerors” invites all persons and groups in the area to come and share in the rally, which begins at 6:30 p.m.