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Aunt: Devil made him do it

Aunt: Devil made him do it


Don’t let the devil take control, if things not working out, just walk away. This was the sound advice of the aunt of the San Souci man who “lost it” last Friday, March 23.

Lenroy Charles, after allegedly seeing his common-law wife Gertrude Thomas having sex with another man five days earlier, chopped her several times and burnt down their house with her in it. He also drank the deadly weedicide Gramoxone and died the next day in hospital.{{more}}

“He could have asked God to give him the strength to survive what ever pain he was facing,” said his aunt Enleth Matthews (below) who is his father’s sister.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT from her Cedars home, Enleth said that the entire family is heartbroken and taken aback by the action of Lenroy who is known to be a quiet, cool, hardworking young man.

“He should have just walked away,” she said.

Meanwhile his mother Bernice Joseph fondly remembers the second of her ten children.

“He uses to call me Old Queen,” she said.

Lenroy’s sisters Arlette and Cecilia also expressed their shock but also stressed that no matter what Gertrude may or may not have done that their brother should not have handled it that way.

“We feel bad about it but we will still have good memories of our brother,” said Arlette.