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Trinidadian man claims he was beaten by police

Trinidadian man claims he was beaten by police


Sylvon Thomas, a 30-year-old man of Carenage, Trinidad said that he was beaten by Police officers while returning from a Kingstown nightclub around 4 a.m. last Saturday.

The alleged incident took place in the Mount Wynne/ Peters Hope area.{{more}} Thomas told SEARCHLIGHT that he had just dropped off two friends in a rented vehicle he was driving and was about to pull away when a vehicle stopped in front of him blocking the road.

“Some men came up to my window and said “Police. Get out of the vehicle”. Thomas said that as soon as he switched off the engine and got out, he was hit in his forehead with a gun by one of the officers, then he was beaten until he fell to the ground where they continued to beat and kick him about his body.

“After a while, they asked me my name and I told them. They stopped beating me and I showed them my temporary license, and they said, get back in yo car, then asked me, who hit you?” I said, “nobody”, they then went away.

Thomas said that he reported the incident to the Chateaubelair police who advised him to report the matter to the Police Public Relations and Complaints Department in Kingstown.

A check at the Chateaubelair police station confirmed that Thomas had made a report, however, at press time, Superintendent Artis Davis of the Public Relations and Complaints Department said that he had no knowledge of the incident. Thomas has since returned to Trinidad.