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Minister Beache worried about under achieving males


Concern has been voiced once over the high number of under achieving young males in this country. Minister of Youth Glen Beache is the latest person to express his anxiety. He did so at a press conference last Tuesday.

Beache noted that this was not just a phenomenon in this country but was a concern around the world, however he said that the Youth Department through the YES programme has been working with youngsters for several months to tackle the issue.{{more}}

Noting that most scholarship recipients were female, Minister Beache stated that young women were out performing their male counter parts academically and a huge gap was developing with only one gender holding managerial positions but could not find companionship.

The Youth Minister stated, “I believe if we keep going at this rate, it is going to be a position in St Vincent and the Grenadines where all of Parliament would be female and all the major positions would be held by females. Not there was anything wrong with it, but the females would achieve so much and when they are looking for that partner they would not be able to find that partner who could live up to their standards and I think it is already happening now. We might take it lightly but it is a great problem that we need to deal with.”

Beache also stressed that attitude to work and deportment were also issues which needed to be tackled in young men who wanted “quick money” instead of working hard to achieve their goals.