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Digicel gives Nokia game, DVD player to Layou School

Digicel gives Nokia game, DVD player to Layou School


Local telecommunications company Digicel has donated a Nokia N-Gage Game hand set and a DVD player to the Layou Government School to assist them with raising funds for their beautification project.

Teacher, Cordellia Campbell-John said that the project began some years ago and the telecommunications company was one of the first to contribute.{{more}} Campbell-John expressed appreciation for both items and said that they would be raffled to acquire funds to ensure that the school is learning friendly for the students.

After being serenaded by the students, particularly with a song popularly done by DIGICEL RISING STAR, Kyron Baptiste, from reggae artiste Gyptian, Marketing Manager Juno De Roche encouraged the students to take care of their surroundings so that other children entering the school could benefit.

A staunch supporter of education, De Roche pointed out that education was vital to a better life and wished the students and teachers the best in their endeavours.