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‘Chatoyer was an outstanding ruler’

‘Chatoyer was an outstanding ruler’


Members of the Garifuna Community and Vincentians on a whole have been urged to reflect the good qualities possessed by National Hero Joseph Chatoyer.

The call came from the Hon. Montgomery Daniel representative of North Windward – the constituency which is home to a large percentage of indigenous people.{{more}}

He was at the time delivering an address at the National Heroes Day Rally and launch of the Junkanoo Festival at Sandy Bay.

Daniel hailed the Hero as an outstanding ruler of the Garifuna people, one, which he said ensured that the Calinago and Garifuna people were not enslaved by British dominance. He said that because Chatoyer stood firm, we are able to celebrate his victory.

Minister Daniel also had high praise for the Chatoyer youth movement; a group which he said has done a very good job in keeping the Garifuna spirit alive. He encouraged the members to continue their work.

Commendations were also in order for the Garifuna Radio Station, which is celebrating its first anniversary.

Minister Daniel said that since the station started operations, there has been further unity in the Garifuna Communities.

He also made mention of the week of activities put on by the station. He pointed out the Ecumenical Service which took place on Sunday to launch the activities. According to him, the spirits of the ancestors seemed present, as the people sang and enjoyed themselves.

Other activities will include two pageants and the launch of a program to recapture the Garifuna language. (API)