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SVG Air plane crash recommendation under study


The case is not closed with regard to the SVG Air plane crash of last November 19, which left two men dead. The recommendations are being examined and implemented.

This is the word from Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who also has responsibility for air transport.{{more}}

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT recently, Dr Gonsalves said that while the 14-page official report on the crash was made public it was recommended that the three pages containing the ensuing recommendations be kept confidential for now.

“Because some of the matters had to do with personnel we did not reveal it,” he said.

The official report revealed that on the dreadful night of the crash that closed the curtain on the life of experienced pilot Dominic Gonsalves and his lone passenger Rasheed Ibrahim, an air traffic controller abandoned his post; a clear flouting of the Air Traffic Services Operations Manual.

According to the report the air traffic controller left a cadet alone in the tower.

Many, including the families of the deceased men have questioned the report of the accident, stating that they did not see any clear conclusion in the matter.

Prime Minister Gonsalves however told SEARCHLIGHT that he was on top of things and is overseeing the studying and implementation of the wide range of recommendations.

He said that in due time information will be made known.

A landing time of 6:54 pm was written on the flight strip (the paper strip on which aircraft movements are recorded), when in fact no one could account for the whereabouts of the aircraft, the report, which was released three weeks ago stated.

It was Nicha Branker’s unwavering conviction that something had gone wrong with the flight that her son Rasheed was on that kicked start a massive search and rescue operation approximately two and a half hours after the plane was scheduled to arrive at ET Joshua airport from Canouan.

It had disappeared about four minutes after indicating that it was preparing to land.

The flight left Canouan at 6:42 p.m. on November 19 with a reported three hours of fuel on board.

Venezuela, Martinique and Trinidad and Tobago were all part of the massive search operation which spanned several weeks. Although debris believed to be from the aircraft was recovered, there has been no sign of the two men who were on board.

The two air traffic personnel who were on duty at the time of the accident remain on suspension with pay, Director of Airports Corsel Robertson had informed SEARCHLIGHT.

She had however made it clear that they could be asked to repay monies if a judgment made on the matter warranted it.