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PM slams critics of regional stadiums


Critics of the regional stadium development for Cricket World Cup 2007 are dinosaurs who will not survive the changes of the 21st century.

This was the bold declaration of Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves last Monday.{{more}}

Fresh back from the World Cup’s opening’ ceremony that he described as a magnificent spectacle of our Caribbean civilization, Dr Gonsalves slammed those who had criticized the Caricom Heads of Governments for spending the large sums of monies to upgrade and rebuild the cricket facilities.

“The facilities for Cricket World Cup are a gift -a legacy from this generation to the next,” he said.

He accused the naysayers of being limited to a “here and now” attitude. He said that they were attempting the impossible feat of policing and monetizing the moving of the spirit.

“If our grandparents and great grandparents had the limited vision and limited creative imagination of some who would wish to be concerned about every single thing and paralyzed by analysis, and have a caution which restraints them, many of the important legacies of their generation, which we now enjoy, we would not have enjoyed them,” Dr Gonsalves said.