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St. Vincent Grammar School to mark 100th anniversary


Plans are busily afoot for the commemoration of the St. Vincent Grammar School’s One Hundredth Anniversary. An appeal is being made to ALL past and present students, teachers (past and present) and friends to join in the gala 2008 celebrations.

This noble institution has contributed over the years in no uncertain terms to the development of this nation. We have more than enough reason to celebrate. It is difficult to imagine any past or present student or teacher, excluding himself/herself from this significant event. All are therefore expected to gather at the Peace Memorial Hall for a general meeting on Tuesday, March 13, 2007. The meeting commences at 5:00pm.{{more}}

Certainly, groupings and projects will emerge from this activity that will of necessity, continue into 2009 and beyond. Throughout this year (2007) therefore, sensitization, planning and mobilization will be undertaken so as to maximize participation and the magnitude of the activity. To this end, an open-ended steering committee (still open to interested persons) has been set up. A number of objectives have been formulated. Among them are:

• To revive a vibrant Past Students Association that will include all Past Students in the Diaspora.

• To inspire our boys to embrace a positive model of young manhood, counter to that being currently promoted by negative societal influences and trends.

• To construct an auditorium in conjunction with the Girls High Scool.

A number of activities have been suggested. These include:

• A gala Sports Day/Cultural Extravaganza at the Richmond Hill Playing Field or at the reconstructed Arnos Vale Playing Field.

• A Boat Ride to Bequia.

• A formal Dinner

The above list is by no means exhaustive and could be modified at the meeting of March 13th. Certainly also, we will continually engage the media in activities towards commemorating the One Hundredth Anniversary of our noble institution.