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Richmond Vale Academy re-opens

Richmond Vale Academy re-opens


After years of controversy and closure, the Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) in North Leeward officially reopened last Saturday.

The boarding school was built and run by a Danish Foundation in the early 80s but closed its doors to student admission amid protest from residents and controversy surrounding their purchase of the Orange Hill Estate.{{more}}

In its heyday the school taught a variety of courses including auto mechanics, welding, construction, agriculture and navigation.

For a number of years RVA operated as a commercial farm producing bananas, vegetables, passion fruit and limejuice until about six years ago when they began training volunteers to work in Africa.

At present there are 17 students from 12 countries including two Vincentians studying at RVA. The students are taught community and social work, counselling, HIV/AIDS and the Portuguese language in order to work in Mozambique where they will go to after six months training here.

Norwegian Principal Stina Herberg and her Danish husband Jesper are presently managing the institution they took over from Tove Pedersen, who was in St Vincent when the School started in the 80s.

In his address, area representative Dr Jerrol Thompson said that he would like to see the RVA partner with the local community, institutions and organisations like the North Leeward Tourism Association to bring sustainable development to the area especially in eco-tourism.

The program included singing and dancing by the volunteers and staff after which refreshments were served then outdoor games were played to the delight of the children who were present.