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Renwick Rose tours Ireland

Renwick Rose tours Ireland


The profile of Windwards Fair-trade bananas continues to be raised in more and more towns and communities all over Ireland. One of the features of this year’s Fair-trade Fortnight in the Irish Republic is a national promotional tour by WINFA Co-ordinator, Renwick Rose, in a bid to strengthen support for the Fair-trade concept and to increase demand for Caribbean Fair-trade bananas among Irish consumers.

As part of this exercise, a growing number of towns continue to enroll and be certified by the Irish Fair-trade Mark as official Fair trade towns. The latest among these are Port Laoise last Friday and the bustling southern port of Waterford on Monday, March 5. In both towns, Rose was officially welcome by the respective mayors, town councillors and members of the business community who already stock Fair-trade products in their businesses, supermarkets, groceries and hotels.{{more}}

The WINFA Co-ordinator has congratulated the towns on their achievement of Fair-trade status and encouraged them to continue to support Fair-trade as one example of a more just trading system. He has also urged Irish consumers to demand of their suppliers, fair-trade bananas from the Windward Islands.

Rose’s speaking tour continues this week with visits to Carlow, Cork and Bantry (Wednesday) and the University of Limerick on Tuesday.