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PM heaps more praise on police, national security

PM heaps more praise on police, national security


The solving of another ‘cold case’ crime by the local police force has brought more praises from Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, who insisted that diligence and the reorganization within the institution is paying benefits in the efforts to fight crime.

Speaking at Monday’s press conference at Cabinet Room, Dr. Gonsalves commended the police for their work in the arrest of Ericson Harris for the December 2005 slaying of Vonley Llewelyn and Jennine Gill.{{more}}

He credited among other things, the training that is being done for police dealing with serious crimes, and the joint effort between this country’s police force and others with more advanced forensic techniques including DNA.

Dr. Gonsalves said he hoped the trend of efficiency by the police would dissuade persons contemplating committing a crime, in particular murder.

He also warned that those who have done their ‘dark deeds’ that they will eventually be tracked down and apprehended.

While reminding those present and who were listening on radio that the crimes were not to be considered murders until the court deemed them so, the Prime Minister noted that two of the reported killings for the year were not murders; Veronica Lewis who was thought killed, died of natural causes, and Erica Hadaway’s death was not considered a murder as no charges were laid against her killer. He also noted that two killings were allegedly committed by foreign nationals.

Three other killings have been reported so far this year: Churice Trotman in January, Kenford ‘Killa Loop’ Samuel in February and Sean Baptiste.

Thanks to DNA evidence Ali Gibson has been charged with the death of Lakita Duke, and Paul Spence was charged with the murder of Mable Pollin and Veronica Fredrick both committed in 2005.

Last week Fitz-Allan Bramble and Alaski Samuel were charged with the 2006 murder of Ishmael Byron.