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Food handlers urged to take precautions

Food handlers urged to take precautions


Food borne disease is one of the major problems that can affect the trade and tourism sectors, food handlers are therefore urged to take precautions when preparing food for their customers.

This was the advice given to several persons involved in the food sector during a training workshop initiated by the St. Vincent Bureau of Standards as they prepared persons for the Cricket World Cup.{{more}}

In addressing the participants on Thursday, Environmental Health Officer in the Public Health Department, Rupert Doyle urged the participants to pay attention to what they are doing while preparing food for consumers as the simplest mistake can cause contamination.

In his address, Doyle also highlighted to the participants the level of dissatisfaction with certain food outlets that he had visited and because of this, he is urging persons to be careful where they purchase their food.

According to Doyle, before any consumer purchases food they should have a good relationship with the persons that are selling the food and ensure that the food comes from a reputable source.

Also addressing the program was the Director of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bureau of Standards Ezra Ledger. According to Ledger, food safety is a global issue that requires global attention and therefore food handlers must produce foods that are of a high quality and standard for their customers.

Good hygiene is also another important factor that must be taken into consideration when dealing with food, and as a result, participants were advised to dress properly while dealing with food and avoid the wearing of excessive jewelry. They were also advised to wear hairnets and aprons at all times when in a food establishment.

The training workshop was held on Thursday February 22, by the St. Vincent Bureau of Standards in collaboration with the Public Health Department and the SVG Hotel and Tourism Association.