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Celeb beef brewing?

Celeb beef brewing?


It is being hoped that a verbal tug of war between two of this country’s top celebrities will evaporate into nothing but hot air.

Searchlight understands that the war of words between Hot 97 FM Radio Personality/DJ ‘Too Cool’ Chris Jones and Digicel Rising Star Kyron Baptiste began following an incident at Club Fuzion a few weeks ago, when, as related by a caller on Jones’s “Yo know what does get me vex?” radio segment, Baptiste got into an argument with a female patron of the club and her companion when she refused to dance with him.{{more}}

Baptiste is said to have shouted at the individual “Do you know who I am? I am Kyron Baptiste”

Jones reportedly scolded Baptiste for his actions, which he said were unbecoming of a person of his stature and suggested that he behave himself in a manner in keeping with an ambassador of the country and the wider region.

According to Jones, he was met by Baptiste some time later and was verbally assaulted and threatened with an organized beating, which he responded to on his radio programme by further rebuking Baptiste.

Jones said that he had no personal problems with Baptiste before the incident. He said that he was a supporter of Baptiste during and after the Digicel competition, but the singer just needs to come down from his “high horse” and “get a grip” on reality. He said that the Sandy Bay resident still has a long way to go but is acting as if he is already there.

The veteran radio announcer said that Baptiste does have a lot of potential, but may be taking advice from an individual or individuals who could hinder his career before it even begins.

In response to the allegations, Baptiste said that he did introduce himself to the young lady but not in an arrogant manner. He said that when he asked her to dance and she refused, there was no altercation, and as far as he was concerned that was the end of it.

He said that after returning from Grenada days later, he was told of what was said on Hot 97 FM by ‘Too Cool’ Chris.

Baptiste also admitted to having an argument with Jones, but said no threats were made by him.

The Digicel ambassador is bewildered as to why a ‘simple incident’ is being blown out of proportion, and says that Jones is just lashing out at him because the young lady, whose features he cannot now recall, is a friend of Jones.

He said that Hot 97 is one his favourite radio stations, and he was a fan of the morning show host, but the DJ has ‘issues’ that he needs to deal with.

He further added that he has no intention of wasting any more time on the matter, and any further dealings with Jones may be through his record label or lawyer.