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Double tragedy for Hadaway children


Two of Erica Hadaway’s seven children, eight-year-old Nicholas and six-year-old Zoe are burdened with an extra dose of tragedy.

In October 2003 their father Alonzo Charles of Chateaubelair committed suicide by drinking gramoxzone now their mother is dead from strangulation.{{more}}

Charles and Hadaway shared a turbulent relationship while they were together. She stabbed him in September of 2001 then shot him in the mouth in October of that same year.

The children live with their father’s parents in Chateaubelair and attend the Chateaubelair Methodist School.

Grandmother Winifred Charles told SEARCHLIGHT “I have Nicholas since he was three days and Zoe since she was three months, they are doing well in school and we are trying to raise them the best way we can”.