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Special children get computers from Taiwan

Special children get computers from Taiwan


Though they may be differently-abled, the children at the School for Children with Special Needs will soon be learning how to use the computer. This announcement was made on Wednesday January 31, on the occasion of the donation of a 17-inch Acer computer to the school by Ambassador of the Republic of China on Taiwan.

Ambassador Jack Yu Tai Cheng expressed his appreciation for the way that the school has been kept and managed over the years.{{more}}

Though the original plan was to donate only one computer to the school, the ambassador saw the need for the students to have another one and therefore made it his business to donate another one on Thursday February 1.

According to him, one could be used by the teacher and at the same time the students will be able to follow along with what the teacher is doing.

“We are hoping to do more donations to the school, whether it be monetary or otherwise,” Cheng told the principal of the school, Fred Stay.

In accepting the donation, Stay expressed his gratitude to the Taiwanese ambassador and informed him that they are planning to introduce the students to computers and the computer that was donated to them will be used for that purpose.

Over the years the school has received several donations from the Taiwanese Government.

One desktop computer and one flat screen monitor were also handed over to Germaine Rose of the YWCA on Wednesday to facilitate the administrative work at the organization.