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Lecturer: SVG could look to medical marijuana

Lecturer: SVG could look to medical marijuana


Medical marijuana could be one of the new industries capitalized on by St Vincent and the Grenadines, according to Claremont Kirton, senior economics lecturer at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona campus, Jamaica.

Speaking at the recent launching of the

St Vincent and the Grenadines Development Plan, Kirton said that more needed to be explored in the area of the medical use of the illegal drug.{{more}}

Stating that marijuana has already been used in the development of treatments for Glaucoma, Claremont said “This is the kind of research that is needed where commodities we have at our disposal can become part of our new economic base.”

He also questioned the validity of official statistical data, which he termed as “a formal economic activity,” stating that the Caribbean had a huge informal economy, which included illegal industries.

“Could you imagine a country like Jamaica which has recorded negative economic growth, yet Mercedes Benz and Lexus

cars are all over; there has been no major economic triggered riot?”

He said that while the official statements suggest a bad economy, informal economic activities, including the illegal ones continue to flourish.

Professor Claremont also said that old industries needed to be examined to see if revitalization was possible. He said that this had to form part of the forward thinking, even as new industries are explored.

Claremont also warned against taking the contribution made by the remittances from the diaspora for granted, noting that it formed an important part of the national development thrust. He suggested that there may be opportunities for niche marketing provided by these said Vincentians who are abroad.