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SVG Philatelic Bureau downsizing

SVG Philatelic Bureau downsizing


by Adrian Codogan 19.JAN.07

Come March 31, four workers at the St Vincent Philatelic Bureau will either have to find new jobs or join the long unemployment line. One worker opted for retirement but four will have to go in what Chairman of the Board of Directors John Thompson says is downsizing.

The workers whose collective employment with the company spans 80 years were issued with letters on January 2, 2007. Thompson told SEARCHLIGHT that there was a big drop in what the company earned because the agent in the United States that produces stamps for the Bureau is paying them less.{{more}} “People are not using stamps like before because of the new technologies, it is easier to make a phone call or e-mail but we are trying to get the schools to encourage stamp collecting among students,” he further stated.

The company made donations to several sporting and charitable organizations including the prison’s farming project at Belle Isle during last year and reported a small profit in 2005 according to Thompson.

General Manager of the Philatelic Bureau Edward Beache said, “Why don’t you leave Philatelic alone, we don’t want to be in the spotlight”.

The Philatelic Bureau is a Government owned limited company that was established more than 40 years ago. There are eight members on it’s board of directors. Thompson, an accountant and former Parlimentarian was Chairman of the Bureau in the 70s and 80s and was reinstated when the Unity Labour Party (ULP) took office in 2001.