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Bad luck following Vincent family

Bad luck following Vincent family

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It appears that a string of bad luck is following the Vincent family of Layou.

Last Friday night Artelus Vincent lost his life after three days on the run from Her Majesty’s Prisons.{{more}}

He was serving a 10-year manslaughter sentence for the August 13, 2004, killing of Deron Williams of Layou.

This 2004 incident happened just months after Artelus’ uncle, Vin Vincent killed Artelus’ elder brother, Palma Vincent during an altercation. When Palma was killed in March 2003 by his uncle he was 32 years old.

Lolita Hazelwood of Layou has had many woes to bear during her lifetime but she strongly believes that the most recent which occurred last Friday night could have been handled differently by the authorities.

She is of the view that her son Artelus Vincent, who escaped from prison officers’ custody last week Wednesday, January 10, could have been recaptured without being killed. The 34-year-old man died at his aunt, Madeline Hazelwood’s home at Layou during a recapture operation by the police and prison officers.

“I say if they come in the house and meet him them should have had mercy ‘pon him. If he surrender they should not have killed him. Better dem bin cuff him and go with him. And if they did give him the first bullet and he ain’t move they should not have give him no more they should have had mercy on him,” said Hazelwood.