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Constable wins $221,000 Lottery prize

Constable wins $221,000 Lottery prize


Constable Lesroy Baker of Greggs now has $221,000 locked in his possession as he is the first person to win the National Lotteries Lotto game this year.

The Criminal Investigation Unit officer stated that although he did not have any particular plan for the money at present, he is planning on sharing some of his winnings with his family members.{{more}}

“It is not the first time that someone in the family is winning the Lotto since my father won in the past and I just see myself as following in my father’s footstep,” Lesroy told the media.

According to him, he and his five brothers kept playing the same numbers but for that night he just decided to play different numbers.

“When I realized that I had won the lotto tears came to my eyes,” Lesroy recalled.

However before the cheque was presented, the manager of the National Lotteries Mac Gregor Sealy encouraged him to spend the money wisely.

He also wants the public to play the game more often as there is a slight decrease in the number of sales they have been receiving during the past year.

The draw date of the game was on Tuesday January 2 one day after the start of the New Year with the lucky numbers being, 14, 17, 18, 23 and 30.