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Traffic police clamp down on illegal parking

Traffic police clamp down on illegal parking


“We have finished talking, the time for action is now!”

That’s the warning being sounded by Inspector Richard Browne of the Traffic Branch as his men clamped the wheels of P-8570 which was parked on a “No Parking Zone” on Egmont Street and was the first vehicle caught by the police that failed to comply with road traffic regulations.{{more}}

Browne on Tuesday, December 5 said that illegally parked vehicles would be immobilised and drivers would have to pay $70 to have the wheel clamps removed. Trucks and omnibuses will have to cash out $100 at the treasury or at the police traffic branch to have their clamps removed.

The traffic officer stressed that people knew better than to disobey and do things such as park in no parking zones which he said only created problems for other law abiding motorists and passengers.

Inspector Browne said that clamps would only be locked unto vehicles when the driver is not available to accept the ticket but again warned motorists to obey the traffic laws or face the penalties.