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SVG marks World AIDS Day

SVG marks World AIDS Day


While some health officials may advise that condoms are one of the surest ways to prevent HIV and AIDS, Dr Lennox Adams did not support this.

“The safest way to fight the disease is through Abstinence since this is the surest way that the disease can be prevented”, he told the gathering at the World AIDS Day Candlelight and Rose Ceremony last Friday.{{more}}

He however stated that this prevention tip is not a popular one because persons are afraid to practise abstinence and even young people are holding virginity at the lowest degree, which should not be the case.

He is of the opinion that persons should hold their virginity with dignity and if abstinence is practised then there can be some sort of hope for the prevention of the disease.

He said that 1,000 Vincentians were known to be suffering from the disease but experts believe that for every one person tested there may be about four to five others who are unaware that they have the virus.

“I believe that we should stop watching the disease as an individual problem and try and start to deal with it as a society”, he recommended.

Ending his presentation Dr Adams told the gathering that persons can find a way to cope with the disease if they try to build up good morals in the home, school and the church and be stronger in their spirituality.