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No mad rush for barrels this year

No mad rush for barrels this year


It’s 16 days before Christmas and during this season those overseas would send barrels and parcels for their family and friends just in time for the holiday season.

But according to Deputy Operations Manager of the Port Authority, Lance John, the mad rush of clearing goods form the port is no more because there is a new computerized system in place and goods can be cleared from the Port’s main Transit Shed, Queen Warehouse Two and the Geest/WIBDECO Shed.{{more}}

In addition, the port is open from 8 am to 6 pm.

The Port representative however mentioned that so far the influx of barrels and packages during the Christmas season is no different from most but believes that it would skyrocket later in the season.

He noted that a new system that structures how goods are removed, stored and released has been recently implemented and has made the process smoother. In addition, a new computer system logs information on goods passing through the warehouse.

With their new hotline number 451-2191, persons can call at any time and be notified as to whether their barrels have arrived.

Meanwhile Executive Assistant Peter Prescod reminded the public that the $25 that government charges on barrels, that contain food and clothing items during the Christmas season is still in effect.

He said this was to give Vincentians an economic break during the holidays, but he cautioned that if appliances and other gadgets were found in these barrels, then the public would have to pay the standard fee after evaluation.

He also encouraged citizens to use this time to clear barrels because after the Christmas period, the regular fees and duties would be re-introduced.