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Nine Mornings Festival launched in grand style

Nine Mornings Festival launched in grand style


Although there was no official lighting up of the tree at Reigate because of the construction which is taking place in that vicinity, children and adults marched in unison to the music of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force around the capital with their lit candles to ring in the peace that comes during the season of Nine Mornings.

The march climaxed at Heritage Square where thousands gathered and Reverend Victor Job blessed the proceedings and prayed that the season would not be marred by violence and that Vincentians and visitors would remember that Jesus was the reason for the season.{{more}}

Also sharing similar sentiments as she welcomed the gathering was Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste who reminded troublemakers that the police presence would be stepped up and no violence was going to be tolerated. She bragged that the “unique Vincentian tradition” was only found in this country and called on each citizen to be proud of this exclusive festival.

The Culture Minister as well as Parliamentary representative for Central Kingstown, Conrad Sayers, performed a Christmas carol together while later on in the show Minister of Health Douglas Slater and Minister of Works, Clayton Burgin performed a duet which had the audience in an uproar of laughter.

Showing their support for the festivities was mobile service provider, Digicel with Country Manager Martin Bollers who donated $7,500 to the Nine Mornings Committee on behalf of his company. Bollers said that the turn out was a testament of the great work that the various planning committees were doing to heighten the festival and urged Vincentians to continue to support it.

Last year’s Digicel Rising Star, Kiokya Cruickshank gave a splendid rendition of the Christmas carol “Oh Holy Night” while the 2006 Rising Star, Kyron Baptiste also “wowed” the audience with his performance.

The Sion Hill Steel Euphonium, Ken Isles, Sylvia Williams of Hairoun Theatre, Cantemus, New Life Ambassadors, Eden and Fidel Taylor and his band gave fantastic performances.

Dance groups La Gracia, Diadem and Kingdom Life Tabernacle brought the Christmas spirit with their choreography, while popular Nine Morning tunes from Lennox Bowman, Ronald Bowman, Sulle and CP had the crowd rocking. Host Michael Peters also had the audience cracking up with his questions and answers segment where three little girls who were a bit overwhelmed by the site of the huge audience nervously answered the questions he posed. When one girl was asked what was her favourite subject she answered, “Jingle Bells.”

Nine Mornings continues with a Fair at Victoria Park tomorrow from 8 pm and on Sunday with the Image Modeling Agency with their show dubbed “Follow Fashion” at Mariners Inn and later that evening at Ashe’s Residence for the light up at 7 pm.

From December 11-15 the various rural areas would commence their festivities while from 16-24 the celebrations at Bay Street would begin from 4am where concerts and other activities would be held.

Judging in the Community Lighting festival would take place from the December 19-22 from 7pm-11pm, while the Nine Mornings Community Judging would take place from December 18-23. Results of these competitions would be announced on December 24 at 7pm.